Linda Ikechukwu

Linda Ikechukwu

Frontend Developer

Linda Ikechukwu is a software developer focused on frontend and cloud technologies building interfaces that connect products to their target users.

Upcoming sessions:

The CSS Side of Accessibility

Most articles or talks covering accessibility on the web are usually about using semantic HTML tags alongside WAI-ARIA attributes or JavaScript to make web content accessible to those who use a keyboard or a screen reader to navigate the web. But, HTML and JavaScript are just two-thirds of the frontend pie, and accessibility goes beyond making web content usable by people with disabilities. Accessibility is about making content available to as many people as possible — be it users on older phones or older browsers, users on slower internet devices, or users who prefer bigger text or no animations. In this talk, you'll learn how CSS fits into accessibility. You'll also discover how making small changes to way we write CSS can help you build better web experiences that take into account different conditions that may affect how users interact with your website.

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