Megan Strant

Megan Strant

Organisational Change Consultant and MVP

My passion is to support people in their daily work from all walks of life. As a keen neurodiversity and mental health advocate, I try to help drive awareness across challenges, hidden disability and drive all of us to make small changes in our daily work to support each other. In my consulting, I help organisations plan for, implement, adjust and adopt technology. I drive strategic journeys for organisations, develop key offerings to embed adoption and enjoy being active in the Office 365 community.

Upcoming sessions:

How can you drive inclusion for hidden disability?

How can you use technology to help drive inclusion for people that you cannot see? What can we each do to support people with challenges across neurodiversity and mental health to make the workplace and online technology better on a daily basis? Come to this session to discuss quick features with your email, meetings and general tips to support each other.

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